About Chris

In February 2019 when Christopher Ryan Milecki was 18-months old, his life, the lives of his parents and then-newborn baby brother (and everyone who loves him and this beautiful family) were forever changed.  Chris was diagnosed with acute megakryoblastic leukemia after presenting with neurological symptoms and a lump on the side of his head.  Over the course of the next 6 months, Chris underwent TWO brain surgeries, FOUR rounds of chemo, radiation and a bone marrow transplant.  Chris fought HARD and at the end of his course of treatment, his family and supporters were elated to learn that there was no evidence of disease.

His family knew, however, that relapse was not only a possibility but, unfortunately due to some specific markers found in his cancer cells, likely.  Chris and his parents travelled regularly back to CHOP for monitoring and this past July (just one month short of the anniversary of his bone marrow transplant), Chris’s parents were delivered the most gut-wrenching, awful news anyone could imagine…Chris’s cancer was back.

And so here we are again…the current plan is several rounds of chemo to knock the cancer out of his system again and a second bone marrow transplant from a new donor to hopefully keep it from coming back again.  The cost of his medical treatment is high and although some is covered by insurance, portions of it have to be paid out-of-pocket (and may or may not be reimbursed later) and of course there are other costs that come with treatment (travel, food, lost income, etc.).  

All contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated and will help alleviate the financial burden on Chris’s loving parents as they navigate this battle with Chris for a second time.

There is no donation too small. If you are unable to donate, please continue to share his story, pray and show your love and support. If you are able, you can also consider signing up for Be The Match and donating blood and platelets as often as you can – you can literally save a life, including our Christopher.   

And as always, thank you for loving and supporting Chris and his family.  It is seen and felt and helps immeasurably.